Why So Many Funeral Homes Have Started to Offer Live Streaming

Posted on February 21, 2022 by W. E. Pegues Funeral Directors under Funeral Home
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As recently as just a few years ago, most funeral homes in Saltillo, MS and other parts of the country weren’t able to provide families with live streaming services. But today, at least some of them have finally started to do it. There are lots of different reasons why funeral homes have made offering live streaming services such a big priority. We’re going to discuss some of these reasons today. Find out why so many funeral homes now offer live streaming services below.

Families are way more spread out than they used to be.

Once upon a time, most families had family members that all lived in the same general area. So when it was time to hold Saltillo, MS funeral services for someone, it was easy for them to come together at a local funeral home to celebrate their life. But these days, families are way more spread out than they used to be. It has made coming together for funeral services a big challenge. Live streaming gives families an opportunity to come together digitally for the sake of celebrating a loved one’s life. Family members can check in on funeral services from anywhere in the world thanks to the power of live streaming.

COVID-19 has created concerns about attending large gatherings at funeral homes.

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be coming to a close, but it almost goes without saying that it’s going to have a lasting impact on people and the approach that they take to attending large gatherings. Many people simply don’t feel comfortable showing up for things like funeral services when they know that there are going to be a lot of other guests at them. This is another reason for the rise in live streaming services at funeral homes. Funeral homes recognize that there is a need to cater to those who might want to watch a loved one’s funeral services without being at them in person.

Live streaming equipment isn’t as expensive as it once was.

A decade ago, live streaming the funeral services that take place at funeral homes wouldn’t have made much financial sense. The equipment that funeral homes would have needed to invest in to live stream funeral services would have been very expensive. It also would have been difficult for them to broadcast video out into the world for an extended period of time. But nowadays, live streaming equipment is very affordable, which has made it possible for funeral homes to live stream their funeral services without a problem.

funeral homes in Saltillo, MS

Live streaming allows families to go back and rewatch funeral services.

A lot of families are filled with so much grief during their loved one’s funeral services that they have a hard time focusing on what’s going on all around them. As a result, many of them now like to go back and rewatch their loved one’s funeral services if they can. Funeral homes have started to help them do this by providing them with live streaming services. It’s one more way in which they’re trying to provide people with a positive experience while they work on celebrating a loved one’s life.

Although live streaming services have become more popular at funeral homes, there are still some that don’t offer these services. You and your family need a Saltillo, MS funeral home like W.E. Pegues Funeral Directors on your side that can deliver the live streaming services you want. Reach out to us now to hear more about the live streaming services that we can set you up with when you plan funeral services for a loved one through us.

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