Steer Clear of Making These Mistakes While Planning a Cremation

Posted on June 14, 2021 by W. E. Pegues Funeral Directors under Cremation Services
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cremation services in Pontotoc, MS

When you and your family are planning cremation services in Pontotoc, MS for a loved one, the last thing that you want to do is make any mistakes. But it’s very easy to do when you’re trying to work your way through the grieving process while also putting cremation plans into place. You should be aware of the mistakes that you might make so that you can try to avoid them at all costs. Here are several of the mistakes that you’re going to want to steer clear of when planning a cremation.

Making the decision to work with the wrong funeral home

If you want to avoid getting the cremation planning process off to the worst start possible, then make sure you don’t make this mistake! Far too often, families will opt to work with Pontotoc, MS funeral homes that aren’t a great fit for them. You should be sure that you track down a funeral home that you know you can trust to help you plan out a loved one’s cremation. It’ll prevent you from having to deal with any unexpected surprises along the way.

Not considering all your options when it comes to cremation services

There are so many different ways in which the cremation process can play out for your loved one. You can hold a traditional funeral service for them and then cremate them. You can also cremate them and then hold a memorial service or celebration of life ceremony for them. You can even skip a funeral service altogether and settle on a direct cremation instead. It’ll be up to you to decide which of these options is going to work best for you and your family.

Failing to set a budget in stone

Paying for a cremation isn’t going to cost as much as paying for a burial. But even still, you and your family will have to decide what you’re willing to spend on cremation services prior to carrying them out. You don’t want to dig yourselves into debt while cremating a loved one. You can avoid having this happen by coming up with a budget for your loved one’s cremation and setting them in stone.

cremation services in Pontotoc, MS

Choosing not to think about what you’re going to do with your loved one’s cremated remains

A lot of families get so preoccupied with planning their loved ones’ cremations that they don’t stop to think about what they’re going to do with their cremated remains later on. This is a mistake because these plans could alter the way in which you choose to carry your loved one’s cremation out. If, for example, you’re going to scatter a loved one’s remains, you won’t have to worry about investing in an urn for them and having them placed into the urn by a funeral home. You’ll be able to cut some costs by planning ahead as far as what you’re going to do with a loved one’s remains.

It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re planning a Pontotoc, MS cremation. W.E. Pegues Funeral Directors can help you steer clear of doing it when you work with us while mapping out a loved one’s cremation plans. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you throughout the planning process.

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