Everything You Need to Know About Burial Vaults

Posted on June 6, 2022 by W. E. Pegues Funeral Directors under Funeral Home
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Is your family getting ready to bury a loved one through one of the funeral homes in Pontotoc, MS? If you are, you’re probably going to have to prepare to purchase a burial vault for them. What is a burial vault? Well, that’s precisely what we’re going to talk about today. Families don’t always realize that they need to buy burial vaults, so we’re going to make sure yours is familiar with what they are. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about burial vaults.

What are burial vaults?

Some people make the mistake of confusing caskets and burial vaults. But the truth is that they’re two very different things. Caskets are used to house people’s bodies for their burials. Burial vaults, on the other hand, are used to house caskets. They’re put into burial plots just before burials are set to take place, and they stay put once caskets are lowered down into them. They are typically made out of some kind of metal and can be found through almost any Pontotoc, MS funeral home.

What are burial vaults used for?

There are several reasons why a person’s casket will be put into a burial vault before it’s buried in the ground. First and foremost burial vaults are used to protect caskets from the weight of the soil that is put on top of them. Without burial vaults, many caskets would break once soil was thrown on top of them. Burial vaults are also used to stop the soil that sits on top of caskets from collapsing. Many cemeteries will require burial vaults to ensure that their grounds stay neat and tidy and don’t put anyone at risk at any point.

Do families need to buy burial vaults for their loved ones?

There are certain cemeteries that will allow families to bury their loved ones without burial vaults. But for the most part, many cemeteries now ask families to invest in burial vaults for their loved one’s caskets before they’ll agree to bury them. You and your family will need to speak with someone from the cemetery that you’ll be burying your loved one in to see whether or not you will be required to purchase a burial vault for their casket.

funeral homes in Pontotoc, MS

How much do families need to budget for burial vaults?

If your family is asked to buy a burial vault before burying a loved one in a cemetery, it’s obviously going to add an extra expense to your loved one’s funeral services. The exact price that you’ll pay for a burial vault will depend on many factors. But it’s not all that out of the ordinary for some burial vaults to cost several thousand dollars. You and your family should shop around for a burial vault that will fit nicely into your budget.

Would you like to get additional information on burial vaults while making Pontotoc, MS funeral arrangements for a loved one? Our funeral home can set you up with all the info you need. Call us now to begin planning burial services for a loved one.

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